Till Austerity Do Us Part? A Survey Experiment on Support for the Euro in Italy

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My article “Till austerity do us part? A survey experiment on support for the euro in Italy” co-authored with Lucio Baccaro and Erik Neimanns just published by European Union Politics. The article is open access and available here. A short blog post summarizing our results was published by LSE’s EUROPP blog. The post is available here.


The COVID-19 pandemic worsened Italy’s fiscal outlook by increasing public debt. If interest rates were to rise, it would become more likely that Italy experiences a financial crisis and requires a European bailout. How does making EU funds conditional on austerity and structural reforms affect Italians’ support for the euro? Based on a novel survey experiment, this article shows that a majority of voters chooses to remain in the euro if a bailout does not involve conditionality, but the pro-euro majority turns into a relative majority for ‘Italexit’ if the bailout is contingent on austerity policies. Blaming different actors for the fiscal crisis has little effect on support. These results suggest that conditionality may turn Italian voters against the euro.